New habits

Now, changing your approach to life is no easy thing. It’s just the thing that makes you say ”Well, maybe I’ll just start tomorrow” day after day. The first motivational blog (I find it embarrassing to even read these things, let alone write about them but I guess that’s just one of the things that need changing) is and the goal is to create a new habit.  So this woman wrote a 5-step guide to creating a new habit, all while using the word “pee” one too many times. But don’t worry, you can just tl;dr that article if you’re really lazy (and go seat in the corner because that is not the right attitude) because I’ll break it down for you. In other words, yay, lists!

1. “Make a plan”, she says.

Right. I’m already sort of stuck, but I’ll just try to go along with it, so here’s a nice story first: I often find myself wishing I could draw better. Then, I’d just turn on the computer and google “how to draw better”. And then I’d read some tutorials and then visit some more art-related sites and then read on every damn site how working hard is immensely important and you have to constantly draw until your hands bleed and the universe becomes a giant paper for you to spit pretty drawing on. And I feel like shit because googling “how to draw better” is basicaly all that I do in order to draw better. So there it is – the plan: I am going to make at least a sketch every day.

2. “Choose a trigger” – pretty self-explanatory.

I choose coffee. In the morning. I wake up, I drink the delicious liquid and start drawing, away from the internet.

3. “Report your habit” (I just skipped the “4.get some positive feedback” part because fuck it, I’m going to be my own feedback, ha!)

Sure, I’ll report it. I also expect it to sound something like “I don’t understand, why am I doing this, I hate it, I want the internet, I need to go online, I’ll just finish this line and I’ll just turn on my laptop and lie about it on the blog”. Except in reality, I am not going to lie. Not even a bit. No.

5. And now my favorite – “Reward yourself”

That I can do! Forming a new habit takes a lot (“anything from 18 to 254 days” according to this article) but I’ll just try to stick with it for, say, 7 days before I get myself something pretty for all the effort. What that means is that I have 7 seven days to decide what my awesome reward will be and it also means that I sort of feel like a dog right now.


2 thoughts on “New habits

  1. Hahaaa, eu obisnuiam sa intru pe zenhabits in perioada mea…well, zen. But it felt like those people were ordering me around si era enervant. And then I just embraced a life of procrastination and chaos 8->

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