Day one

Here’s what happens when I decide to do something new:

– I get over-excited about it

– I plan every detail about it

– my expectation level goes through the roof

So because of that, I couldn’t get much sleep and in the morning I wanted nothing else than to just lie in bed with the blanket over my head and the cat purring next to me. But eventually I woke up, I had my coffee and I did draw for a short period of time, until I felt that the internet was sad without me so I turned on my laptop and that was the end of it.

The point is, day one wasn’t a complete failure because I did sort of do what I had planned to do. Sort of. If you are puzzled by the fact that I actually have to make myself draw and not do it for my pleasure, here’s a little drawing to help you understand why:

And then I decide I will never draw again.


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