Day four

The find-a-new-habit challenge has not been forgotten. Here’s what I accomplished so far:

  1. I realized I cannot draw in the morning no matter how many cups of coffee I drink – afternoon just works better.
  2. I realized that this is a really dumb thing to make a habit of.

I constantly have to remind myself why the hell I am trying so hard to do this and bottom line,  it’s just not habit-material. Staring at a blank piece of paper is a real catalyst for thought so I have a considerably large list of reasons why this isn’t working but I’ll just limit myself (for your sake) to saying this (for my sake) : you cannot rush a creative process. Oh my god, I am such a poet.

All in all, I managed to draw every day, as I had intended,  for four whole days -actually just three, since yesterday I was out all day – and now I’m ready to throw in the towel. Fuck, I don’t even care about the reward anymore: my birthday’s coming, then Christmas, then sales season and I’m going to buy myself something pretty anyway, despite this complete failure.


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