A state of mind

According to my draft for the “About” page, this blog was ” born as a reaction to the self-appreciation movement and intended to be a slightly ironic guide to motivational blogs”. Basically, I wanted to change things about myself and I knew it wouldn’t be so well received by, well, myself. Why fix it, when nothing’s broken, says the little voice in my head and that little voice is often my worst enemy. Its favourite saying is “what’s the point” and most of the time that’s what I end up saying and believing too. That’s probably what’s broken.

Anyway, that being said, I’m back to square one, since any progress I might have made has been completely erased by the last couple of days. I wish I could say that I was so busy lately that I could not afford to think of anything else, but no, the truth is I was just lazy. Lazy to write, lazy to read, lazy to wake up early…I’m surprised I could even force myself to keep shooting for the 30-day challenge, which by the way, is on hold as of today. Because I was lazy. And if you’re wondering how I’m dealing with that – I’m not. I just lie there, in my laziness, being all lazy – and it feels great!


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