Shit that blows.

Here’s the worst thing about December (which hasn’t arrived yet, but for the sake of this post, we’ll pretend that it’s not November anymore – it’s one day apart, just make a damn effort!) : it’s cold. It’s not just cold because I have a cold and everything just seems colder, no, it is simply unbelievably cold. The kind of cold that makes you crawl into the deepest of holes, preferably inside a volcano and never leave until Hell is no longer frozen – because I’m certain that at the moment, those little devils are learning to ice-skate. And the second worst thing, which is a derivative of the aforementioned cold, is the fact that you cannot wear any clothes that don’t make you look like a freaking yeti anymore. Yes, that’s my biggest concern right now: it is freezing and I can’t wear pretty clothes.

The things is, I brought a monstrously big suitcase, packed mostly with cute dresses and flimsy shirts, just to come here, in the German version of the South Pole and wear the same outfit made of jeans and 3 layered sweaters  every. single. day. Anyway, if you’re wondering, this cold (my cold, that is, the runny nose and fever and headaches) didn’t just come out of the blue –  I carefully nurtured it by dressing pretty one day – just one single day! – which also turned into the longest walk I’d had in the last months – see the previous post. So it’s a compromise, see – you either look nice and freeze so badly your brain will start crying snowflakes or you look like an Eskimo and eagerly rip away the pages in the calendar waiting for the spring. I feel like an old lady, what with all this cold-hating, but I don’t know anyone who will say “Oh, I love cold. Winter is my favourite. I always take out my hammock and sleep outside at night, so I can feel the snow gently caressing my body”. Nobody does that. That’s sick.

Hm, let’s see, what other stuff can I humorously whine about…Oh right. So. My room smells. It’s not exactly a bad smell, it’s sort of like that smell of new things, just a lot worse and barely manageable by my now very sensitive nose. Normally I would just open the window and things would be all nice and fresh again, but because it’s cold, that is not really an option, so I have to breathe through my mouth and bravely endure the – how should I put it – odor. Oh, the choices we have to make…

And so, that concludes our first episode of  “Shit that blows”. Others might be shortly coming, but right now I have to go study, because my mother will not like the fact that I’m blogging instead of either learning all the unbekannte Wörter or rather skype-ing with her – the downside of not having a technologically challenged mom.


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