Why I gave up clothes

No, I am not nor I intend to be running around naked, I just had it with buying clothes. It has nothing to do with consumerism or being overwhelmed by the immensity of the fashion industry and how it affects our society because, frankly, I don’t give a fuck. I love clothes. I love having clothes and looking at clothes. I love getting dressed for the day and I love seeing other people be as excited about clothes as I am. But I am not buying anymore. Now the reason I am stating this loud and clear and, well, publicly, is that no one believes me. Not one single person I have told this is taking me seriously, so this is to making it feel more real to me and to shove in everyone’s else’s faces at the same time. “But, why?” they all ask skeptically.  Because what with my birthday, Christmas, Black Friday, sales season or any other reason one needs to go shopping, I now have so many clothes that I can’t properly love each and every one of them so basicaly I have to stop. It’s tempting, oh so tempting – the shops with all those bright windows, the nicely dressed mannequins, the low prices, the pretty dresses and cozy sweaters – they tempt me.. So I’m also going to avoid the apparently harmless window-shopping because I can rarely say no to something once it’s on my mind. Anyway, I hereby declare the beginning of my no-more-clothes challenge which will last until the first of February. Wish me luck.


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