What to write when you can’t write: you don’t write.

I was going to ramble on the subject of  creativity, because I think it is a rather vague term and much can be said about it. However, I’ll diverge; when your purpose is being creative but you haven’t really settled on a specific method, conflicts arise.

That’s why even though lately I have been going crazy about taking photos and barely let go of my camera, I can’t seem to be able to pull myself together and write an actual blog post. And even though I have loads of ideas pouring out of my brain, I am absolutely incapable of forming coherent sentences and so I’ve decided to wait until inspiration strikes and just  leave you with some of stuff I did before the “photo phase”.

As you’ll see, I have developed a taste for massively photoshopped drawings – it helps me disguise the bad anatomy while still being somewhat visually pleasing. I love it and – what’s more important – I’ve come to actually enjoy the process instead of stressing over how inaccurate everything looks.

That being said, it’s late, I’m tired and not being able to write (or to order the damn photos as I want) is unbelievably frustrating – I’m going to bed.


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