“Give me the splendid silent sun”

Sunsets are really my favorites – it’s something about that warm light and the rapidly changing colours of the sky that makes me feel really happy. Anyway, here we have these blinds that every day, at dusk, create some shadows which I find fascinating, so today I got my camera and snapped some photos.

And unrelated to the above, but related to the blog, this week I’m limiting my time online to two hours a day. Which is crazy, considering my average day would consist of roughly 10 hours of surfing. However I feel that this internet thing is just turning into a black hole which is sucking in all my time and energy and – should I say it? – yeah, creativity.


So it’s just like an experiment – 7 days with just 120 minutes of interneting every day (I’m going to have to make an exception for the movies though, I am re-watching Lie to me and I don’t think I can make it without at least 2 episodes daily). It will be like losing a friend, but hopefully, it will make for notable improvements.

 I am actually excited, not as much about the process, but rather about writing about it – without a doubt, it is going to be fun!




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