So it’s day two. I’m actually disappointed because, see, I thought that by cutting down the time that I aimlessly spend online, I would magically become this productive person who can never sit still and always has to do something. I didn’t – as it turns out, finding a scapegoat for your laziness is not going to make it go away. Nevertheless, the first day was surprisingly easy.  I didn’t curl up into a ball crying and wishing I hadn’t made this stupid decision, but didn’t do anything useful, either, which kind of misses the whole point of this experiment – I’m talking about not using the internet for more than two hours every day, in case you are new here.

The curling up into fetal position, though, happened today, when I mostly either slept or lay down in a semi-vegetative state, whining about a really stubborn headache. I like to think it was the effect of the mild cold I have and not a symptom of withdrawal. I have to rethink my strategy: it’s not about isolating myself from the world wide web, it’s about finding more time for photography, drawing, reading, learning and basically things that matter to me. So in the next day I’ll force myself to actually do stuff and make a good use of the time I’ve earned by not watching funny videos of cats wearing socks (strange how I get inspired by morally wrong things).

Should you ever want to do like me and ban the internet for a certain period of time here is some advice:

  • Be specific. Really, know exactly what you can and can’t do. For instance, I spent like two hours editing photos and I’m still not sure whether that counts as being productive or not
  • Know your purpose. Why are you doing this? And “just for funsies” is not an acceptable answer. The internet is funsies, why the hell would you want to take it out of your life?
  • Don’t eliminate it completely. Not being on the online radar is sure to have some unpleasant consequences – you want to free up more time for your real life, not delete your virtual self.

Oh, this is exciting, me giving advice! Which reminds me, I did lie a bit when I said I didn’t do anything. See, I did a drawing and I took some photos. And the cat seems to hate the fact that I have so much more time on my hands; she’s really affected by it.

A bit “Bloody Valentine”, aren’t they?


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