Doing it myself

I painted a table.

I wish I could say that I am a crafty person, but truth to be told, I am not. I can’t sew, I can’t paint, I suck at anything you can find a DIY project for, but somehow this worked – the painting of the table, that is. I took a look at the ugly white table sitting on the balcony and thought “Hey I could actually make something pretty out of it!”; and while this kind of thinking usually leads to disasters, this time it turned out just fine.

So I gathered my supplies – acrylics, paintbrush, sticky tape  and an elaborate pattern found on – and got to work. I even planned everything in advance, down to the last square, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to fuck the pattern up at some point (I like to call it improvising).

And then the fun part started: mixing the paint, colouring in the little sticky-tape squares and stopping every now and then, to take a photo or two. Not too often, though, because I had my mind set on finishing the whole thing that very evening.

I didn’t. Nor did I finish it the second day. And by then I’d already started to regret choosing that pattern. Not that it made any difference because in the end, as you’ll see, the real thing looks nothing like it.


Do you see the seahorse?


I’ve had these acrylic set for ages yet never really used it to its full potential, mainly because I can’t paint for dear life. Nevertheless, I love colors – like, as of recently, LOVE them!! – and I took plenty of photos of the coloured squares, taking advantage of the really bright light ( second day, are you keeping count?).


And on the third day, lo and behold, the table is finished. Incredibly, I don’t have a photo of it in daylight, but it is awesome, it’s colourful and although the paint already chipped in some places (it stuck to the sticky tape – it was terrible disappointment) and it is probably not going to last one month, it brings me joy to see it prettifying the balcony.

Now that spring is here and I plan to get out more…my laptop and I will be perfectly comfortable at this table, watching the sunset from outside.


2 thoughts on “Doing it myself

  1. This looks awsome! And I’m not saying this because you’re my dear friend, I’m saying it because IT IS AWSOME! Good job!

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