I think I’ve never more fun taking photos than I had today and to think that it all started with me roasting in the sun with a book on my lap…but enough with the cryptic attitude, here’s what happened.

Until some weeks ago I had no idea that grapefruit can be, and normally is, eaten with a spoon. As far as I knew, the only way one can eat a grapefruit is to peel it and eat like an orange, after removing the bitter skin. That’s how I’ve done it, that’s how my family’s done and that’s how everyone I know has done it. Apparently it’s wrong.

So today I was sitting on the balcony, properly eating a grapefruit and trying to read a book at the same time – not a smart thing to do, since grapefruit juice and white pages are not a good combination. So as I was trying to balance the spoon, the grapefruit and the book, I noticed this really beautiful pattern made by the shinny spoon on the book. Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for the things light does – intriguing shadows, enigmatic light-rays, reflections, they are all fascinating to me. Hence, I did the only normal thing to do – I got my camera.

I’m rarely truly excited by the photos I take, but this time, oh man, I love them! The process was so impredictable and I think the results are just beautiful. I’ll definitely try this some other time, with more preparations beforehand though, because managing the camera, the spoon,  the remote control and the manual focus simultaneously is nerve-wracking.

They are just as nice raw, but considering my currently obsession with colours, I had to edit them a bit. I was thinking about making some PS brushes out of them…should I? I mean, they are certainly workable.

Taken in broad daylight with nothing else than paper, some shiny cutlery and the sun. Added some colour layers in Photoshop. Head to my flickr account for some more!


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