She sells sea-shells by the sea-side

So I wasn’t planning or expecting to take such a long break from writing but being home turned out to be so comfortable that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying the break, I just thought I’d pop up with a fun fact and some updates.

Two days from now we’ll be celebrating the International Work Day, which I thought all my life it’s just a Romanian thing, but according to the all-mighty Wiki, it’s not. Sometime in the 1880’s, after brutal manifestations (I suppose) it was decided that the work day was to be reduced to eight hour and oh, look, people celebrate the same thing in the States – Labor Day, only, well, in September. Communists also come in the picture somewhere along the lines, but just google it, it’s already too much history for me and what I wrote so far probably didn’t make much sense anyway.

But yes, that was funny for me, because it opens a whole new horizon:  it seems highly likely to me now  that it’s not just Romanians that take a day off work to celebrate work (because that makes total sense. Totally.) Do I have any Eastern European readers here? Can you spare some info about that?

The point is that I’m going with the crowd this time by which I mean, I am going to spend this day like most normal do – either making a barbecue on someone else’s lawn, or getting in the car and driving some place. This time the crowd I’m going with is thirsty for salt water and heading towards the seaside. And I am oh my gosh so excited! The lists were made, the bags are (over)packed and I’m now anxiously counting the seconds because in just a few hours – well, more that a few actually, six is not a small number – I will be on my way to fun-land. Or so I hope. Hope that it will be fun-land and not just a beach full of drunk people and litter. Which I know there will be too, but still, I expect more. And I’ll be bringing my camera, so brace yourselves, photos will be coming!


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