Missing the Black Sea

I can happily say that I’ve had my share of salty water this summer – Romania, then Croatia and soon Italy. I’ve took long enough to make up my mind about posting the photos, though, but finally, after three months, here they are! 

As you’ll probably realize soon enough, I’m currently obsessed with light leaks and since I don’t exactly have the possibility to experiment with film, I just played around in Photoshop. I like what came out, but these are probably the only photos of this kind you’ll see from me. Anyway. Enjoy these (many) pictures from the Romanian sea-side, more specifically Vama Veche, which was fun, fun, fun!

We really enjoyed ourselves and I have many stories to tell, starting with the horrible place we stayed at, which was actually so bad that it soon became funny – first night we crashed at some friends and that meant four girls crammed together in a 2/2 room and two tiny beds, fighting over the blankets in a desperate attempt to keep warm. In the second night we upgraded,however, getting a better room that was actually clean and warm,  so you could say it was all for the best.

Everything might seem sunny and warm in the photos, but trust me, if you’re going to the sea on the first of May, bring warm clothes! I, too, have been warned by people who had been through this before, but I never took them seriously. I mean, what do they know anyway, right? Wrong. I brought short skirts, flimsy dresses, high heels and basically all the things I’d wear during the summer except I failed to realize it wasn’t summer just yet. Mark my word – May is not summer.


We froze our asses off and there were very few ways to warm yourself: you could either dance till you dropped or join the nice, friendly people on the beach who started fires by burning benches stolen from near-by bars. Charming folks, though- they were always excited to have us there.

And then again, the Black Sea has never looked to beautiful as it did then.

I’m longing to go back.


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