Shit fashion designers say

Lately I’ve been watching too much Project Runway and now with the tenth season and all, I could spend hours talking about the designers and the clothes they make. But I won’t. Instead I’ll just give you this:

Just so you know, these may not be their exact words,mainly because I didn’t write any of them down at the time and my memory is not what is used to be anymore. Deal with it.

“This is really not my aesthetic AT ALL!” 

“I am a fashion designer, not a tailor!” (dramatic hand gesture)

“It’s chic, fashionable, sophisticated but at the same casual!”

“This is what the client wanted but at the same time, it’s got a lot of me in it, you know?”

“You want sexy, not slutty.” /”That’s too matronly, you gotta sex her up!”

“I like the direction this is going.”

“I don’t do menswear.”

“I don’t do plus size.”

“I don’t do evening.”

“So Tim Gunn didn’t like my outfit…” (eye-roll)

“I don’t think Tim Gunn  really understood my point of view.”

“What does Tim Gunn know anyway?”

“I looked across the room and I did not like what I saw”

“This is who I am as a designer.”

“My outfit is perfect, no matter what the judges say.” 

Of course it is, honey.


The ta-da list!

So here’s a nice twist to the ol’ boring to-do list. A ta-da list. As in “Ta-daaa, look at how productive I am!”. With bullet points, in no particular order.

  • I’ve read 6 books over the course of four weeks (yay!), but I’m still miles away from achieving my goal of reading 50 books this year. Consequently, I changed my goal from 50 to 20 and no, that is not cheating.
  • I am taking two online classes: Fantasy and science fiction on  and Intro to statistics on and they’re both super interesting, although the second one could have been  more challenging. I know it’s an introduction to statistics, but still, even my dormant brain can handle it.
  • I finally finished a project that’s been in my head for months (“project” is an exceedingly pompous word, but doesn’t that make me sound all grown-up?)
  • I was hoping this would be at least a five-item list
  • It is now.

To be honest, I’m kind of getting tired of photographing my face (or back or hands – you get the point) so if I don’t find a model soon enough, I’m just going to limit myself to posting pictures of streets and buildings.

And now, because I’m such a tease, I am going to direct to my Behance page (what did I tell you? Grown -up!) where I published this project, cleverly titled “Black and white self-portraits”. And I hope that you will appreciate my photos. With your mouse. Thank you.