And I felt the need to emphasize that by using caps.

It’s been brought to my attention that somehow, my blog died the moment I started college. I feel like these two phenomenons are hardly related, since the reason I stopped writing was that I couldn’t decide whether I should write in English or Romanian or both and it felt like such a big deal to me that I treated it like I treat my responsibilities: I pushed it to the back of my mind, never to be dealt with again. And yet here I am, 10 months and 6 days later, just dying to press that “Publish” button. Except I still don’t have anything relevant to say, however, I’m going to post something I’ve written a long, long time ago, and hope you’ll be entertained.

(I’m thinking this blog need a bit more girlishness to it. Also, I feel guilty for leaving my blog completely deserted while I’m lounging on an Italian beach.)

Disclaimer: I know little to nothing about make-up but no, I don’t find anything wrong with writing a tutorial about it. Plus, no make-up expert would classify the following as a smokey eye but what do they know? Gather your tools, my ladies!


A kohl pencil. Black.


Apply eyeliner on the inside of your lower eyelid. Trace it twice, make sure it’s a really heavy black line.

Try to apply eyeliner on the inside of your upper eyelid. It’s tricky. Fail miserably.

Go to a party, get drunk, get wild, come home and pass out on the bed.

Wake up in the morning and voila, the perfect smokey eye! Reapply eye-liner and some black eye-shadow and you’re ready to go on with your day.


That was before going to Sardegna, Italy, almost one year ago. Oh, time…I just can’t keep up with you. Fucker. But enough insight for one day. I’m not promising anything, but you might hear from me again.

And now let’s take a moment and thank exams for offering me the proper motivation to do something productive like restarting my blog, in order to avoid doing actual work or curling up into fetal position and crying from frustration. Thank you.


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