Missing the Black Sea

I can happily say that I’ve had my share of salty water this summer – Romania, then Croatia and soon Italy. I’ve took long enough to make up my mind about posting the photos, though, but finally, after three months, here they are! 

As you’ll probably realize soon enough, I’m currently obsessed with light leaks and since I don’t exactly have the possibility to experiment with film, I just played around in Photoshop. I like what came out, but these are probably the only photos of this kind you’ll see from me. Anyway. Enjoy these (many) pictures from the Romanian sea-side, more specifically Vama Veche, which was fun, fun, fun!

We really enjoyed ourselves and I have many stories to tell, starting with the horrible place we stayed at, which was actually so bad that it soon became funny – first night we crashed at some friends and that meant four girls crammed together in a 2/2 room and two tiny beds, fighting over the blankets in a desperate attempt to keep warm. In the second night we upgraded,however, getting a better room that was actually clean and warm,  so you could say it was all for the best.

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Sometimes writing comes natural, but sometimes the blank page just stares you mockingly in the face and there’s nothing you can do. However, having a blog means you can’t always be waiting for inspiration to strike, you have to “constantly supply new content”, as they say. So here I am, supplying.

I’ll have to admit though, it’s not just the blog who’s being neglected – there are over 400 unread articles in my feed reader and I am making making no progress with the books I’m reading. Or was reading…yes, I’ve been slacking this week.


The thing is, I am super duper excited that one week  from now I’ll be on my way to Romania, to spend a chaotic Easter home. I can barely wait and it’s really hard for me to concentrate on the present, when the very near future gets me so stirred up. I guess that’s why I haven’t been doing anything productive this week, unless you count finishing the first season of My Little Pony…but anyway.

Today I decided to start packing my bags- I have never been this late, considering the departure is so soon and the only thing I have so far is a list – so unlike me! Panic arose.I hastily gathered all my clothes and laid them neatly on the bed, ready to sort them into three piles  – yes, no and maybe. Yes, that is the right way to pack.

I took one long look at them, wondering how am I ever going to pack all of them… and the procrastination reflex kicked in. I decided to do something else instead. Something so ridiculous that it will take my mind off stuff. Something like…a stop motion film. Don’t laugh just yet, wait until you see it.

So basically I spent about two hours playing dress-up and it was so fun I absolutely cannot understand why I’m not doing this more often. I enjoyed myself and what came out is a somewhat sketchy video that I recommend you to watch because it’s not everyday that I embarrass myself on the internet. Or perhaps it is.

The moral of the story? Maybe, just  maybe, I  have too many clothes…


On a different note, stay tuned, I may be starting to post more often these coming weeks because (hopefully) there are lot of things going to happen. Things worth mentioning. And tomorrow I’m writing about a challenge I’m doing. I know, I know, I said I’m done with such things but this actually sounded interesting.