Crossing over to the E-side

If some time ago I was fiercely defending “real” books and protesting against E-readers and the unnecessary use of technology, I can now finally say that I get it. I get it, okay? They are amazing. E-readers and E-books are amazing.

I mean, sure, they don’t smell like heaven and you can’t feel the soft texture of the paper as you flip it or leave subtle messages on borrowed books, hoping that sometime, someone will read them and it will brighten their day…but they are awesome. Now why don’t you all join hands and sing an ode to technology while I tell you what caused this sudden change of heart.

The real great thing about Switzerland is the amount of free stuff you can get – beside all the free food samples, that is. Maybe I should start with the funny story in which my mother started searching in a seemingly abandoned box, got about five coat-hangers out of it and casually walked away as I watch completely horrified. Apparently, as she explained later, stores give out their old coat-hangers for anyone to have.  The Swiss also offer free books from time in time, if you are in the right place. Free books, if you can imagine. Free. No charge. Books. Mind-blowing.

But now to get to the point, the Swiss also lend digital books, and for 5 francs people like me get to experience the wonder of E-readers for two short weeks, after which the happy bubble bursts and you realize it was all a dream. Like that dream in which you suddenly have an incredibly cute puppy that you can train and pet and love…and then you wake up and he’s gone. Except in my case I could actually buy the puppy if it weren’t so damn expensive.

So anyway, I got this baby from the library and for a while it is all mine (yes, altruism has never been one of my strong points) and I am going to make the most of it. Since I’ve been very lazy lately as far as reading is concerned (shocking, I know – I love reading!), I managed to collect quite an impressive number of titles on my to-read list and I am now ready and excited to check some of them off. Hooray for books!